Position papers

EAE’s position on the roadmap for the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (22/03/2021)

EAE’s position on the draft delegated regulation on Sustainable Finance supplementing Regulation (EU) 2020/852 by establishing the technical screening criteria (07/03/2021)

Renovate Europe calls to strengthen Article 5 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (February 2021)

EAE’s position on the Construction products Review of EU rules (19/08/2020)

EAE’s position on the draft implementing regulation ‘Smart’ buildings - smart readiness indicator (16/07/2020)

Joint Renovate Europe position: Creating a dedicated Renovation Fund in the EU Recovery and Resilience Initiative is a pre-requisite for economic recovery and a climate-neutral future (July 2020)

EAE’s position on the Commission Communication Adapting to climate change – EU strategy (30/06/2020)

EAE’s position on the Commission Communication "Renovation wave" initiative for the building sector (08/06/2020)

Renovate Europe publication of BPIE study Building Renovation – A kick-starter for the EU recovery (June 2020)

Joint letter CPE-EBC-FIEC: European recovery plan - The multiplier effect of investing in the EU construction sector (11/05/2020)

Joint Renovate Europe position: Time to create a Renovation Fund for All Europeans (30/04/2020) 

Joint declaration CPE-EBC-FIEC: European Recovery Fund - The construction ecosystem as priority with at least €320B dedicated budget (30/04/2020) 

Joint Renovate Europe position: Making the EU Renovation Wave a Success (01/04/2020)

Joint ECCREDI position: Priorities for the construction sector (11/04/2019)

EAE position regarding large-scale fire-testing (16/09/2015)

EAE position regarding sustainable construction (21/05/2015)

EAE position regarding large-scale fire-testing (13/01/2015)

EAE request for European harmonized large-scale fire tests (30/06/2014)

EAE position regarding Annex III of the CPR (11/09/2013)

EAE position regarding consultation “Financial Support for Energy Efficiency in Buildings” (18/05/2012)