European Energy Saving Guide

Energy Saving Guide is meant to be a publication that summarizes relevant facts and figures about energy efficiency and ETICS in Europe. It will provide information about the influence of energy efficient buildings on our environment and climate protection objectives of the European Union. Furthermore strategies will be outlined how to implement sustainable and responsible policies for our future.

Energy Saving Guide 2013

The European Energy Saving Guide 2013 summarizes the main findings of almost 30 European stud-ies about how improving the energy efficiency may improve economic growth, welfare, independency of energy imports, energy transition, prevention from energy poverty, living comfort, etc. It includes interesting background information and recommendations what to do to achieve Europe’s political objectives – and how improving the energy efficiency of buildings’ envelopes can contribute!

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Energy Saving Guide 2016

The New Edition of the Energy Saving Guide 2016 is a publication, what gives an overview about how far we have got to achieve the 2020 and 2030 targets, explains why Member states are still far behind the schedule. It is intended to multiply content and arguments for a wide range of policy-makers and all other interested public which seeks a profound summary of the most important facts, relationships and arguments in favour of greater energy efficiency in the building sector.

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