31. Aug.

Belgium: IVP-ETICS becomes Xthermo.be

EAE’s Belgian member federation of manufacturers of exterior wall insulation systems has a new look.

Not only the name has been changed, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of IVP-ETICS the members thought it was time for a makeover. The full name is Xthermo.be - Façade Insulating System Association, an appropriate name for a Belgian federation in a sector that continues to grow, thanks to the ambitions of consumers, architects and the national and European governments regarding energy efficient construction and renovation. Xthermo.be stands for durable, high-quality and technically approved systems. The federation and its members offer their extensive knowledge and competence for the realization of the best, most beautiful, ecological and energy-efficient facades, both in new construction and in renovation. The Xthermo.be members represent the majority of the Belgian ETICS market.


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