16. Nov.

With a successful balance sheet into the next decade

The Members Meeting of the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE) took place in Baden-Baden in October 2018. It was also an anniversary event as it brought back EAE members and their guests back to where it all begun.

Exactly ten years before, eleven associations had founded the EAE in the same place. Today EAE includes 12 national ETICS associations, six major European supplying materials‘ associations and nine supporting members. A perfect opportunity to look back on what had been achieved since. But above all to look into the future.

The anniversary meeting was also marked by two prominent guest speakers from the European Commission. Alejandro Ulzurrun (Directorate General for Energy, Head of Communication and International Relations) informed about the current state of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package. Here, the European ETICS market makes a significant contribution to the solution. Ulzurrun encouraged EAE members to further contribute and to stay involved. “Efficiency first” has been identified to be the key to energy transition and Europe’s energy and environmental objectives.

The second focus was on the current challenges of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR), presented by Tapani Mikkeli (Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Head of Sector Sustainable Construction). The CPR is currently under revision and the European Commission will continue the consultation regarding necessary amendments. Furthermore, Mikkeli provided an outlook on the next steps towards a European façade fire test method.

Ruud Van Eersel, EAE President (left), and Ralf Pasker, EAE Managing Director (right), thanked Alejandro Ulzurrun for his vital speech.

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