11. Jul.

10 YEARS ON – EAE well positioned in its anniversary year

EAE – the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems – held its General Meeting in mid-June in Bucharest. The meeting underlined the importance of the EAE’s work at international level and the value of collaboration over major issues.

One of the reasons the Romanian capital was chosen as the venue for the meeting was because the country’s national association – QETICS – was also celebrating its 10th anniversary. President Adrian Zamfirache provided an overview of the Romanian market, which is currently going through a growth phase: Despite a total area of some 28 million m² of ETICS installed each year, only 6% of the country’s buildings are regarded as adequately insulated. Above all in the construction of prefabricated apartment buildings the potential for saving energy by using ETICS is far from exhausted. In the view of QETICS, one of the most important milestones on the road to improving this situation would be the establishment of quality standards for ETICS materials and their application. In this context, the ETICS Quality Guideline drawn up in collaboration with the Bucharest University of Archi-tecture and Urbanism was presented. This supplements an application guideline published two years ago on the basis of the EAE Application Guideline. Reports from the other national associations, including information on annual ETICS market volumes, revealed that Poland is the European market leader, with some 40 million m2, but Slovakia and the Czech Republic are at the forefront in terms of installed area related to population.

In his management report, Managing Director Ralf Pasker emphasised the close links between the EAE and the national member associations, which in some cases date back many years: This year the Austrian External Thermal Insulation Systems Quality Group is celebrating its 35th anniversary, and the Czech Association its 25th. Word of the EAE’s activities has also reached other countries and resulted in further international activities: for example, Ralf Pasker was invited by the Japanese Association for Housing Thermal Insulation Technology (NDJK) to deliver a series of talks in Japan in May 2018. And in April 2018 the Environment Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, together with the Danish embassy in Berlin, organised a meeting in Denmark to discuss the steps that country intends to take to achieve European energy efficiency goals.

In the field of marketing of the EAE itself, the main focus was on a review of the 4th European ETICS Forum in Warsaw and on gathering ideas for the 5th ETICS-Forum 2019 (probably in Prague). The idea is to establish a European ETHOUSE Award, which would be presented for the first time on the occasion of this Forum. The meeting also took leave of Gino Gailliaert (IVP Belgium), who had been Chairman of the Marketing Committee since its foundation in 2011.

During the year under review the main focus of the EAE technology committees was on ETICS and fire protection – the eponymous leaflet produced in Germany has now been translated into English and is available to all EAE members as a PDF download. Ralf Pasker also informed delegates of the current state of play in the European standardisation process for ETICS and the Polystyrene Loop recycling project – for which production is currently scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2019.

The next event will be a celebration of the 10th anniversary of EAE at the upcoming General Meeting on 10./11.10.2018 in Baden-Baden.

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