01. Jun.

EAE expertise appreciated in Japan

How to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock and thus to foster the energy transition after reducing the total energy demand is a question discussed both in Japan and Europe.

EAE Managing Director Ralf Pasker was invited by our partners of the Japanese Association for Housing Thermal Insulation Technology (NDJK) for exchange of experience and to have two speeches in conferences in Sapporo and Yokohama. In his presentation Ralf Pasker informed the participants about EU politics, the various benefits ETICS offer for the environment, the economy, and the living-comfort of inhabitants. He also spoke about the positive experiences regarding the long-term performances and the durability of systems and some specific technical issues. Experts from the industry, designers, authorities, universities and construction companies attended.

Visiting a construction site in Sapporo, it was interesting to learn that in absence of ambitious legal requirements the investor of the multi-storey building wants to contribute voluntarily to CO2 emission reductions. Consequently, he decided to install an External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) to significantly reduce the thermal losses through the building's envelope.

Later that week, we found another inspiring example for how companies promote energy efficiency of the building stock in Tokyo. Like in several other cities, the company established huge showrooms in the city center. In these showrooms the effects of improving the thermal resistance of buildings' envelopes is made visible and experienceable. They compare poorly insulated rooms with well insulated rooms to demonstrate the significant reduction in thermal losses, prevention of moisture and significantly improved indoor living comfort.


EAE Managing Director Ralf Pasker during the presentation in Yokohama (Japan).

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