08. Sep.

One step further to circular ecomomy: EAE supports pilot plant

Circular economy is a continuous cycle that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimises resource yields and minimises system risks.

The PolyStyreneLoop recycling project contributes to this concept by introducing a recycling process for PS foams containing HBCDD. These foams have been used for many years as insulation material for buildings. A physico-chemical recycling process can now turn PS foams into a PS recyclate of high quality, to be used as raw material for new foams. In parallel, this process safely removes the flame retardant HBCDD, which is then treated in a hazardous waste incinerator equipped with a Bromine Recovery Unit (BRU). This facility ensures the safe recovery of the valuable bromine component.

The PolyStyreneLoop project will demonstrate how the polystyrene value chain meets the fundamental requirements of a circular economy, by ensuring a technically, economically and environmentally sustainable closed-loop recycling system.

After supporting the Fraunhofer IBP study demonstrating the dismantling and recycling options for ETICS, the PolyStyreneLoop projects is the next important step towards circular economy. In addition, EAE and its partners will develop solutions for ETICS with all kinds of insulation products and finishing systems.

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