14. Oct.

EAE supports EC approach for large-scale fire-tests

EAE supported the proposal of the European Commission (EC) to take immediate action establishing European large-scale fire-testing of ETICS

Prior to the last meeting of the Standing Committee for Construction (SCC) the European Commission (EC) circulated a proposal how to proceed to establish European large-scale fire-assessments of ETICS. It offered two options to Member States and mentioned the EAE statement.

AE commented on the EC proposal:

  • The EAE is in favor of EC’s position to allow two different levels of fire load for assessments. This was always requested by EAE and its members to meet the existing requirements established in several Member States.
  • In order to have a quick solution the EAE is in favor of at first following EC’s Option A: using BS 8414-1 complemented by assessment of falling parts as European large-scale test and DIN 4102-20 as European mid-scale test. With this Option A the industry would have an immediate resolution.
  • In the long run, however, EAE would prefer establishing a test method based on EOTA Report N073, following EC’s Option B, complemented by an optional assessment of falling parts. The task should be left to EOTA as the draft elaborated by EOTA experts is completed and the description of the future test method only requires finalization.

More details can be taken from EAE’s position paper.

Already in June 2014 the EAE started to express its concerns looking at the situation at Member State level regarding the requirements for large-scale fire-testing of façade systems. EAE we would like to express the willingness to support efforts to improve customer safety European wide and to establish a common market for construction products. Both will be essential to achieve Europe’s ambitious energy efficiency objectives and to generate sustainable growth in the construction business.

In a letter to the European Commission EAE pointed out its position regarding European large-scale fire-assessments for ETICS.

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