ETICS help to protect climate and environment. Energy consumption of buildings can be re-duced dramatically. Considing EU’s building stock of about 200 million buildings thousands of tonnes of CO2 could be saved – annually!

ETICS increase living comfort and value of buildings: We spend over 90% of our lives inside buildings. Aspects such as thermal comfort and indoor air quality have an impact on our health. ETICS create both – a warm and cosy indoor atmosphere in winter and a cool tem-perature in summer.

ETICS help to create and develop new jobs. These jobs require all educational levels – workers and craftsmen as well as designers and architects. And it means local jobs for local people.

ETICS help to increase Europe’s economic competitiveness. Heating energy often comes from „insecure countries“. Supply securitiy is of increasing importance. Greater energy effi-ciency reduces dependency on fuel imports.

ETICS prevent energy poverty. More than 124 million people in the EU were threatened by energy poverty in 2015. In some EU states they have to spend alsmost one fifth of their in-come on energy.

ETICS look aesthetically good. ETICS manufacturers provide a great variety of systems, nearly all architectural dreams can be realized and existing architecture can be preserved.