Members of EAE share these major goals:

  • Develop the market
    Various advantages of ETICS are going to be communicated by common public relations; transfer will be improved by networking.
  • Develop the system approach
    EAE supports the establishment and control of quality measures on European level and in each member state; manufactures take care that the combination of components guarantees longterm performance. More information.
  • Research and testing
    In order to further develop technical standards of ETICS EAE will initiate common projects of research and testing. By those projects ETICS will further improved regarding their economic and ecologic long-term-performances.
  • Standardization and harmonization
    EAE supports actively the process of harmonization and standardization. Many of EAE mem-bers operate internationally and will benefit from a barrier-free market. Thus we share our long-term experience and unique knowledge in order to implement norms that ensure the safe use of ETICS. 
  • Cross-border exchange of experiences
    and common efforts to further develop the use of ETICS in new built and thermal renovation of the building stock.