EAE Award 2021- ETICS are amazing!

The award will honor outstanding projects using ETICS

For the first time ever the EAE Award 2021 ceremony will be included in the program of the 5th European ETICS Forum , taking place on 25th March 2021 in Prague/CZ. The award aims to honour amazing examples of energy-efficient projects from across Europe using ETICS.

In order to minimize the effects of climate change, countries around the globe signed the Paris Agreement. To limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C, max. 2°C, the European Union committed to decarbonize its economy by 2050. Buildings play a crucial role. The building stock accounts for 36% of Europe’s CO2 emissions and 40% of Europe’s energy demand. It offers a huge leverage to contribute not only to environmental protection, but also to good health, living comfort and economic growth. This requires that all new buildings comply already with the nZEB standard as they will not undergo thermal renovation before 2050. Even more important: the building stock. Without significantly increasing renovation rates and renovation depths, Europe will fail to achieve its ambitions.

The new EAE Award aims to demonstrate that energy-efficient buildings and superb architecture can go hand in hand.

Be the first to win the trophy – apply now! Applications are open until 31st October 2020.