European Association for ETICS EAE - European Association for External thermal insulation composite systems EAE is a confederation of national ETICS associations at European level.

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ETICS are amazing

ETICS offer a variety of benefits for houseowners, tenants, economy and environment.

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Learn more about ETICS and their long-term performance...

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EAE General Meeting 2014 in Instanbul 
Successful EAE meeting at Bosporus

membership certificate for the Turkish association IZODER

The fact that the European Association for ETICS (EAE) recently had its 2014 General Meeting in Istanbul can be regarded as a symbolic act. With IZODER as the relevant Turkish association and Betek as a supporting Turkish company member the EAE welcomed important new members.

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EAE’s closing balance 2013: 
New members, improved networking, better representation at European level

Ralf Pasker appointed as new EAE Managing Director EAE, the European ETICS association, further improved its position in Brussels last year, strengthening its network and contacts to important decision makers for example at the European Commission and EOTA. Parallel to this the number of members increased. These corner stones guide the path into the future of the association that was established five years ago.

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Ralf Pasker appointed as new EAE Managing Director

Ralf Pasker appointed as new EAE Managing DirectorAfter five successful years Dr. Wolfgang Setzler handed over the General Management of the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE) to Ralf Pasker recently. The 43-year-old Pasker was appointed to be the new Managing Director of the European umbrella association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) from 1 July onwards. The association was founded in 2008.

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EAE welcomes guests from Japan

EAE welcomes guests from JapanIn January 2013 a Japanese delegation took the chance to visit the Munich BAU 2013 exhibition to gat latest information about the European construction market. The EAE was invited to make a special presentation about the European ETICS market.

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EAE guest speakers at Master Class 2013

EAE guest speakers at Master Class 2013The EAE member EUMEPS organized the 2013 Master Class conference in Vienna with focus on ETICS. Guest speakers of the EAE contributed to the successful event.

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EAE General Meeting 2013

EAE General Meeting 2013The river Danube is not only the second largest and one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe but also connects 10 European countries, their economies and their culture. Bratislava, the capitol of the Slovak Republic, hosted EAE’s General Meeting 2013.

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Welcome to the EAE
EAE – the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems – is the European umbrella association of national ETICS trade associations, leading sector associations, leading manufacturers and institutes.


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The objective of the association is to promote the benefits of using certified and approved and Tested External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems in facades of old and new buildings.

EAE Memberships

Construction Products Europe The EAE is a member association of Construction Products Europe.


Build Up - energy solutions for better buildings As a BUILD UP Partner, the EAE shares and promotes its existing knowledge, guidelines, tools and best practices for energy-saving measures in buildings across Europe.


ECCREDI The EAE is member of The European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation.

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